Parents’ Reviews

“Razzle Dazzle (Tanya Solomon) performed at my daughter’s sixth birthday party. She kept the room full of 20 or so six year olds rapt with her magic and patter. She singled out the birthday girl just enough to make her feel like it was her party, but not so much that she was embarrassed (as I had feared she would be). After 15 minutes, she knew all the kids by name and was calling on all of them. Tanya was lovely to work with, checking in several times beforehand to make sure we were still on track for the party.” – Anonymous, Park Slope Parents blog

“You made the party awesome – your command of young kindergarteners is simply amazing. You are a person who clearly loves what you do, and the kids get that!…Best of all, you made it possible for me to really ENJOY the party. It was sooooo fun to get to pause and see what a great time those kiddos were having.” – Kelly G.

“For over an hour, Razzle Dazzle…kept 18 kids, aged 2 to 7, mesmerized (truly, she is a magician!). She is fun, funny, and so super nice.” – Rachel M., PSP blog

“You made Leo’s birthday very special, not just for him but also for all the other kids and many of the parents (including me)!…Your show rocks. – Mark U.

“The kids absolutely loved Razzle Dazzle and were so enthralled by everything you did! All the parents told me how great they thought you were too.” – Dana A.

“I think Finley will really remember this birthday when he’s older.” – Lise L.